7 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

A man holding dumbles up to chest vertically as he is doing exercise for weight loss

Weight loss can be a struggle, especially for men who find themselves lacking the motivation or the right strategies needed to rightly burn the excessive fat from their body in a sustained way. Results like the Yo-yo effect are expected in such incidences. Let’s see some of the strategies that can help men effectively lose weight, so they stay safe from such results:

1. Follow your Hunger, Not your Appetite

When you follow your appetite, you are likely to struggle to get real weight loss. Instead, opt for following your hunger. That means only eating when you are truly hungry and need some nutrition, and when you are eating for energy, just not for the sake of the food itself or the taste.

2. Eat Slowly and Knowingly

So many of us are unaware while we are consuming our meals. Our senses need to be fully present while we consume any food. The more we involve our senses, the more our digestive system can digest the essential nutrients more efficiently, therefore, increasing our metabolism. As a result, any weight loss diet will render more effective and quicker.

3. Schedule your Meals Rightly

The key to healthy eating for weight loss is to sync your food with the appropriate timing of the day. Our body metabolism is at the slowest just before the sunrise and the sunset, which means it will absorb more and more food in the form of adipose form. As it would cause weight gain, we should prefer eating at a time that is in between these times when our metabolism is fast.

4. Consume the Heaviest at Lunch 

Our body reaches its peak BMR or the basal metabolic rate at lunchtime, so anything you eat during such time will quickly get absorbed in such time. Choosing to consume a high-calorie meal at lunch is a wise option for people who are looking to lose weight.

5. Be Cautious when it Comes to Snacking.

Although it is told eating small and frequent meals throughout the day is a good approach for a healthy diet intake, the reality is a bit different for people who want some quick weight loss. Based on the notion that is snacking often results from our desire to eat something for the sake of just eating and not hunger itself, it is in our best interest to avoid taking snacks and instead drink lukewarm water whenever we get a craving.

6. Prefer Natural over Processed 

A fresh, natural, and organic diet is always going to be your best friend. It doesn’t have any fructose corn syrups or any harmful additives that are going to cause weight gain. Moreover, these diets are often rich in dietary fiber that causes satiety in an individual – something critical for those wanting to avoid cravings for weight loss.

7. Do Resistance Exercises 

Moderate exercise with some added resistance in the form of resistance bands, dumbbells, and other equipment can help you tone your muscles, provide core strength, and lose body fat. Ultimately, you get a higher body lean mass that accentuates your overall health and aids you in fat loss. 

Final Word

These were some of the things you need to keep in mind while deciding to start your journey to lose weight. We hope this article gave you an insight on how to lose weight effectively in a way that stays sustained and also helps you get a healthier lifestyle – something often not possible through FAD diets and extreme measures like starvation and extreme intensity exercises that cause stress to your mind and body. 

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