About Us

PAURUSH Men’s Health and Wellbeing is an online magazine dedicated to the health and fitness needs of men across India. Started by two young doctors from Hyderabad, it is a blog that has a motto of providing the reliable and verified information about men’s health and wellness. 

Being passionate about this underrated and undervalued topic, the two friends wanted to highlight the various issues and problems faced by the men of today. It is an effort to help the masculine gene to move forward and talk about their challenges and lives in a better way. Helping them in looking after themselves and solving their problems of health and fitness is the main aim behind starting this blog.

The blog has a large collection of expert reviews, health and fitness articles, medical editorials, product reviews, and much more. There are latest and updated informational posts to help men improve their body, soul, and mind. You can find a diverse range of topics to learn and discuss with the experts. Some of these include hair, skincare, weight loss, sexual health, mental wellbeing, and overall fitness of men.

Being doctors themselves the two creators want to provide the best and most authentic information about masculine health and fitness, using science and experience both. The blog offers writings from professionally qualified and expert writers in their fields.

Believing in the importance of a person’s wellbeing and understanding the value of mental health, the blog ensures to provide ample information and learning on ways to improve and highlight these two aspects of a man’s life.

From motivation to self-development to physical needs, this blog has it all. Helping you gain valuable information and authentic learning on various issues, PAURUSH Men’s Health and Wellbeing is the best place for you.